I believe wanderers no explorers without directions. Not all could be Vasco da Gama, exceptions do exist and he wasn’t a wanderer. On the other hand explorers will have better control and a personal statement. Take anything we do such as Education, training, job, protest, have a strategy and plan along with a personal statement. And each of such things can’t solve all problems. Each problem is unique and hence its solution. The best I can think of is to start by asking questions. This is the inherent nature of explorers with aim. By asking questions, one could become “more right” rather than “less right”. One of the reasons we give up ideas is because we don’t ask and help others to raise questions. This is very much evident in homes, schools, communities and some work places. The typical is some culture not to ask but to shut oneself and continue their task, often aimless. Let’s not make this mistake.

By asking questions one is going to set aim or make it better and add differentiated value to the plan. We believe in education because it solves problems for me and you, we! Doing what we do at QtPi with kids is about demonstrating that kids can build, innovate and play given the right technology. We try iterating approaches to help kids do that is meaningful. We allow kids to ask questions, we work with them on their ideas, we make them lead and teach through the Qt Student Ambassador Program and we are open for constructive criticism to make ourselves better. We wanted to be “aware” of what we do! As a reader if you have a constructive criticism that would make us “more better”, do reach out to us via social media or contact us section www.qtpi.in