Do you like to keep the coding skill alive or want to learn basic javascript? try labs.

I built a simple arithmetic quiz app and this is how it works.

  1. It randomly generates  single arithmetic operation based questions
  2. There is 15 second timeout for each question. Don't worry the questions are kept simple to keep your brain active yet not burnout.
  3. You score 100 points for correct answer
  4. No penalty for wrong answers ( No penalty for trying)
  5. You lose 100 points when timeout kicks in ( Time is money)
  6. I am sure you will find ways to cheat the system. Once you find it, Remix the project and publish.
  7. Turn your headphone on and start solving math.
  8. Hint: If you don't like to be distracted by the countdown , click on it to hide.
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Quiz app is coming up next. Stay Tuned.  

Coding is fun!!! Take a look at Namit's project presentation.