Few parents have asked us this question on Genie Platform: Coding Anywhere Anytime

Thanks for the wonderful question and its widespread one. This question brings to understanding that the coding adds value in many different areas of life such as engineering, medicine etc. This question also appreciates the fact of programming feels effortless once hooked and the learning combines logic, art, storytelling, and business. In simple words it helps us to think and create applications to make our lives better. The reasons why one need to opt for paid versus free:

  1. Bringing plethora of content in one platform is something like reading a published book, watching a movie in a hall. We spend time and money for an experience!
  2. At most one except from learners is to become knowledge constructors. In order to do so we need a source, knowledge creators.
  3. Assurance. One gets relevant and customised to suit the appropriate age group. This is true across several mediums such as Television content. Open source would mean a lot of hard work and research. This would require parental guidance, kids patience and a lot of time.
  4. As a learner, the focus is on the course, learning experience and outcome. Until one is keen in R & D.
  5. Content is king if that helps in achieving an objective.
  6. Learners often like to have extrinsic motivation where the work is visible, gets inputs to better the performance, and help the community.
  7. We recommend using both kinds of content free and paid.

Do you have any other points to add?