#QtQuiz - Episode 2 - Question by QtPi Student Ambassador & Quiz Master, Mr. Namit Shrivastava ☺️

Objective: QtQuiz is designed to help reasoning, critical thinking, logical deduction and fun.


1. Add answer in the comment section of https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzYRk2dw7OCN3M7MyV4AaABCQa) Add the choice that you think is right b) Mention reason to the picked choice.

2. Both needs to be mentioned in the comment section as a single comment. For example, Choice A - Because ball are bouncy!

3. The submissions are open from 19th Feb - 22nd Feb 12 noon.

4. The answer to the question will be posted on 24th Feb 5 pm.

5. The winner name will be posted on 25th Feb 5 pm.

6. Appreciate Token Certificate and a QtPi Voucher to the winner.

Best wishes to the participants!