I have taken a next step on trying to design a coat of arms for QtPi which is into building ecosystem on STEAM education through Robotics, Coding, AI. I also hope my first try on designing cheese grater was bearable (though, I doubt). If you haven't checked: click here

Taking the next fun activity & taking the test/challenge from Rod Judkins book (ideas are your only currency) on "In design, new ideas always confront old formats". The task is to design a coat of arms for Bill Gates. Instead of Bill Gates I make an attempt for QtPi. Initially, I thought of

  1. DESI model we believe in, it stands for Design, Electronics, Software and Integration. I wasn't sure of ways to represent these four components through graphically. I wasn't convinced on just writing DESI, its unlikely to make sense as it isn't universal acronym.  
  2. Then I thought that something anyone could understand.
  3. The tagline 'Plug Play Innovate', seemed more convincing for layman to understand and perhaps admire the coat of arms for QtPi.

If you find this design awful, just like the first one please help me to make better through your thoughts!