There’s nothing that cannot be self taught, but there’s always a difference.

‌‌‌‌To keep it surreal and simple you do not need a teacher to learn how to code, you can sure learn to code all by yourself. But programming isn’t just code, but so much more. And that will be more tricky than just learning to code.

‌‌Like they say, coding is complicated, boring and pretty tiring. Is it really so? You can always add a dose of fun in the pack. Coding is a creative skill and it’s exciting to always be a part of a project.

To ensure this glue stays in the right place, we will need a mentor.


A mentor who will correct us when we are wrong and also help us learn how it actually is done. For example, the trainer can’t give out the whole procedure to code, he should build the thirst of knowledge in the kids so they do commit mistakes,  and also learn from it.

‌‌Here, at QtPi, we push kids to a place where their analytical ability boosts, starting from the idea of making their own project till presenting it confidently in front of their peers.

Our trainers and coaches understand how it is important to not spoon feed the child with information but to create zeal for the inside out.

Harshitha Bandaru