“I won, I won”, in delight, runs a well-known person into the crowd. Amazed & baffled crowd wondering what the person won? One among the crowd shouted “He won, He won”. The one got another two followers and those two got more followers and everyone ran up and down the hallway to an election office. On reaching the crowd realised it was the slogan of a party for the election campaign. Sometimes such stories can be ridiculous or atrocious but elections are fun to watch and unfold. However, the process, technology and votes makes it a serious affair. One of our young innovators Ms. Srija Ghosh presents her idea and prototype of Voting Machine with QtKit. She presents some interesting test cases such as protecting the misuse of voting twice, & password protected result. Isn't it wonderful?! In a funnier election campaign a serious affair!

Voting Machine with some test cases