Note: At QtPi Robotics we encourage children not just to convert idea into a project but also work on writing and presentation skills. We believe STEAM education is an amalgamation of our "I" component in DESI Model (Design, Electronics, Software and Integration). Integration is also about adding skills with technology. Its like one breathed into project nostrils and it became breath of life! One of such effort is from Ms. Srija Ghosh, contributor to the story, idea and project with solution using QtPi Robotic kit. We are very happy and thankful for her contribution! If you would like to know more about the QtPi Robotic kit (click here) and would like to be a contributor get in touch with us through contact us

Srija has a designed a 'voting machine' project with some test cases. Please find her below write-up:

The principal of the school announced during the assembly that day after tomorrow, all the students are going to choose the school captain and vice-captain.

The school bell rings marking that it's now time to go home. Four friends discuss the upcoming event.

Friend 1: “Hey, remember last year, the teachers had miscounted the number of votes!”

Friend 2: “Exactly, I felt really sad for Celeste, she could have easily won.”

Friend 1: “The bad part was that this had come to be known only 3 months ago.”

Srija: “I hope the same mistake doesn’t happen this time. Though there is a high chance of miscounting this year as well.”

Friend 2: “There wouldn’t be any miscounting if the counting is done with more patience and is checked many times.”

Friend 1: “WOAH! Then that is going to take days.”

Friend 3: “Yes that is going to take a long time and at the same time the management needs to put effort.”

Srija: “HEY! What if the teachers don’t have to count this time? What if a device counts for us instead?”

Friend 3, 2 and 1: “That would be safe, effortless and it will save a ton of time!”

Friend 3: “But, how will we get something like that?”

Srija: “I think I can handle that. How about I make a voting machine?”

Friend 2: “Hey, shouldn’t we ask the teachers first?”

Srija: “Let’s not get our hopes too high. I'll first make it, then we can ask the elders whether or not they’d like to use it.”

All the friends, after a nice discussion, thought that it was now time to say goodbye and go back home.

The next day Srija comes with something in her hand. She tells her teacher about everything. The teacher likes the idea and asks her to go and talk to the principal.

After greeting each other. Srija tells principal sir about the purpose of her visit.

Srija: “Sir, I assure you that this voting machine works well. I can show it to you.”

Principal: “Sure, please go ahead but it won’t be good if the results are visible. They should be only available to me so that no chaos arises.”

Srija: “Sir, I had already thought about that and there is no need to worry. The results are password protected and only a rightful person can view it.”

Principal sir likes the sound of the machine and asks her to give the demo. Srija gives the demo and the principal is happy!

Voting Machine

Principal: “That’s great! It completely serves the purpose. We will use it tomorrow for the election. This cuts down our teachers’ responsibilities and duties and at the same time prevents any sort of mistakes! Thank you!”

Srija: “Your welcome sir, I am happy to have been able to help the school.”

The voting machine was introduced to the school and was put into use and guess what, it was a great success!