Moving forward on my design thinking (DT) quest from the book of Rod Judkins, Ideas are your only currency, today, I try to design an anti-technology placard. This is an insane exercise for me to do, as I love technology. I also hope my first & second try on designing cheese grater was bearable (though, I doubt) & design a coat of arms for QtPi was better than the first one (do you agree?!). If you haven't checked: click here  & click here

Taking the next fun activity & taking the test/challenge from Rod Judkins book (ideas are your only currency) on "In design, new ideas always confront old formats". The task is to design a anti-technology placard. Little bit of search I found extreme views like stop 5G. I thought of messaging that will have a choice for an individual and each individuals are right on being anti-technology.

If you find this design awful, just like the first two, please help me to make them better through your thoughts!